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Brown County Design Company is a design service shop delivering website design, logo design, and branding. Located near Nashville, Indiana

Brown County Design is a company dedicated to bringing affordable, high quality marketing materials to small businesses. Located near Nashville, Indiana.

Brown County Design: creative and cost effective

  • How will your customers find out more about your business after they’ve gone home?
  • How can you provide relevant information to your customers with out additional effort?
  • Can you capture sales leads online?
  • Can your visitors learn more about your business while on their mobile phone?
  • Do your print materials and website create a good impression?

If you can’t answer any of these questions…

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About Brown County Design

Hello. My name is Ian Smith and I help small businesses increase sales and build their professional reputation by creating quality design materials. I specialize in designing and building websites, and saving you money in the process.

If you’ve tried the “do it yourself” method and are ready to to take it to the next step, contact me. I’m a habitual “DIY-er” myself! Like most people, I’ve experienced the times where I need some help from the pros. I aim to maintain the heart of a teacher, and can walk alongside you as you increase profitability through printed materials and your website. Let’s have a no-pressure conversation today.

I believe that your business needs can be boiled down to simple, affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.